Lamar Briggs (b.1935-2015) was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana, the University of Houston and graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art, where he was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2005. Lamar’s work is internationally acclaimed and he has been listed in “Who’s Who in American Art” since 1962. Among the many honors he has received is the “Ford Foundation” award. In 1963 this award was juried by Alexander Calder, James Brooks and James Johnson Sweeney. Briggs was given the award at the Annual Houston Artists Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. 


was forced to depend on what turned out to be his own very considerable resourcefulness... He and Willard Walbridge conceived the idea of selling stock in himself and in his future paintings to interested investors. “Club Treize” (after Channel 13) was an association of eighteen backers buying shares of Briggs’ eventual artistic productions. The money raised enabled Lamar to spend six months abroad, with large blocks of time to study the

The notice attracted special attention of KTRK-TV president Willard E. Walbridge. He was delighted to hear of his associate art director’s talent. He learned that Briggs’ ambition was to paint seriously and immediately asked how he could be of help. Walbridge offered him studio space at the station. At that time no government grants were available to individual artists in Texas, and Briggs

​interplays of color and light. By 1972 Briggs started coming into his own as a proficient colorist. In 1971 he presented a one-man exhibition at the United States Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico.  In 1982 Lamar participated in a Group Show, the “Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios”, at the Zummerli Art Museum in New Brunswick, New Jersey.   This prestigious print show traveled for several years throughout the U.S.  Briggs was featured in “The Houston Century” (Top Artists of the Century) in the Houston Chronicle on December 12, 1999.  From 1990 through 1994 Lamar Briggs was the Guest Artist at the Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, Colorado.  Lamar’s work has been show in Museums and Galleries in Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary as well as throughout the United States.  He has participated in over 140 group and one-man exhibitions in his artistic career. Lamar Briggs’ longevity and fame are attributable to his curiosity of the world around him and his constant experimentation in the arts. Over the years, Lamar Briggs’ talents as an abstract artist have been applied to paintings, monotypes, watercolors, bronze sculpture, woodcuts, and tapestry.   He is known worldwide as a colorist inspired by music and nature.

Lamar Briggs